Medical Division Org chart

Medical Service Functions


  • Functions:

The Medical Division is responsible for policy development, coordination, strategy planning, and other related matters including medical workforce and clinical issues, research & ethics, and emergency preparedness. It also develops proposals and gives direction on the sustainability of health services. In developing policy and strategy, the Division plans leads, and maintains an ongoing process of consultation with different departments through regular meetings and strategic planning.


  • Responsibilities:
  1. Set up and directs the Division and develop the pertinent functions of all departments within the Division;
  2. Coordinates an ongoing process of consultation with the different departments through monthly meetings or as needed;
  3. Gathers, analyze, and disseminates information and carries out policies;
  4. Develops policies, coordinates strategic planning, and put forward proposals that contribute to the sustainability of public health and health care services;
  5. Monitors the implementation of policies, strategic plans, programs, services, and initiatives adopted by the different departments;
  6. Coordinates and prepares reports identifying issues, problems, unmet needs, and service gaps, and recommends initiatives, review policies, and amendments to procedures and programs as required;
  7. Develop policies and procedures and carry out related audits.