The Department of Orthopedics of the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center had its humble beginning way back in 1964 when the Senator Dominador Aytona sponsored the construction of a 2- storey building within DOH Compound. The building by itself was a complete orthopedic unit. It had its own ward, operating room, x-ray facilities and rehabilitation clinic. In 1969, the Section of Orthopedics was transferred to North General Hospital main building. The Section continued its mission to serve, various Orthopaedic procedures were done except Scoliosis surgery. In 1971, Dr. Sergio Pineda, one of the orthopaedic surgeon was transferred from the National Orthopedic Center to North General Hospital .He transformed the Section of Orthopedics into a fully functional department. He was assisted initially by Dr. Icasiano Flaviano, an orthopaedic surgeon who devoted his time to public service and decided to leave his private practice. In 1972, Dr. Pineda invited Dr. Joselito Cabral, one of the Orthopedic surgeon at National Orthopedic Hospital to become his assistant. It took a long investment and hardship but it turned into an effective management. In 2 years’ time, Dr. Pineda was able to justify an increase in bed capacity from a mere 20 to 30 beds. The ward, he fondly recalls was always “filled to the brim” In 1984, Dr. Pineda had a direct hand in establishing the rehabilitation clinic with equipment donated by various National Governments Hospitals. The clinic grew into an enormous ward now Orthopedic Ward of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center. The Philippine Board of Orthopedics granted its 1st full accreditation on 1979 and on the years onward. Accreditation was on a yearly basis until 1991; in the same year, the Philippine Board of Orthopedic, realizing the potential of the department, was granted it’s full accreditation. Dr. Joselito Cabral took over the Chairmanship of the Department from Dr. Sergio Pineda in 1992, who then retired. It was also in the same year a new era for the department started when two committed consultants, Dr. Leo Daniel Caro was appointed as the Section Chief of Hand and Microvascular Service and also designated as the Research Coordinator for the department together with Dr. Edward H.M Wang who headed the Child Orthopedic Section and Tumor service and also as the Research Coordinator of the department. They both initiated an agreement with the University of the Philippines- Philippine General Hospital (UP – PGH) for an outside rotation by our senior residents into the Spine and Pediatric section of PGH. Included in this program was allowing visiting consultants into our institution from PGH like Dr. Juanito Javier from the limb lengthening service who performed the first Illizarov operation in this institution and Dr. Jose Emmanuel Ignacio who supervised spine operations. Dr. Enrico De Jesus assumed as consultant staff in 1996 and represented the Department’s training service. 1999 was a milestone year for the Department of Orthopedics. Dr. Florante P.Calacal assumed the position as chairman. Also in this year, various programs were started like Spine, Osteoporosis and Arthritis Clinic under the Department of Orthopedic headed by Dr. Siatan which was formally launched on October 26, 1999. Among the expansion program is the forthcoming launching of the Foot, Ankle and Sports Injury Clinic under Dr. Tablante. At present, the department’s roster is composed of eleven (11) consultant staff, five (5) of them are visiting consultants and one (1) honorary consultant; eight (8) regular resident staff and 1 sponsorship, Dr. Emiliano B. Tablante, as chairman of the department.