SurgeryFor the past 61 years, the Department of Surgery has been in existence at Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, producing prominent and steadfast residents, fellows and consultants armed with quality training, steady hands and surgical excellence. This expansive department is greatly considered as a patient magnet, accounting to an average of 1,000 admissions, 2,000 operations and

10,000 admissions annually. Since 1947, the General Surgery Residency Training Program has already been conducting quality residency and fellowship programs that led to the continuous propagation of several competent surgeons specialized in various fields of General Surgery or Subspecialty Surgery. Included in the JRRMMC’s Hall of General Surgery Consultants is our very own, hardworking, and brilliant Medical Center Chief, Dr. Emmanuel F. Montaña, Jr., who constantly provides his exemplary service and sharp vision in achieving excellent personalized healthcare to all patients.

           In a nutshell, General Surgery is composed of five sections: Head and Neck, Breast and Soft Tissue Surgery, Hepatobiliary and Upper GI Surgery, Trauma and Critical Care, and Colorectal Surgery. Likewise, the different surgical subspecialties with their respective fellowship programs include the Section of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Section of Neurosurgery and Section of Plastic Surgery. These sections provide an extensive surgical experience and comprehensive exposure involving the different organ systems, management of emergencies and critically ill surgical patients. Currently, the department is directed by their ever-enthusiastic Chairman, Dr. Alex A. Erasmo, followed by Dr. Ida Marie Tabangay-Lim, as supportive Vice Chairman. Highly recommended by his consultants and fellow residents to play the role as Chief Resident is none other than Dr. Darwin Amo. Some of the latest accomplishments from the surgical department include the groundbreaking of the Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Workshop last 2014, continuation of in-house surgical missions, and establishment of the JRRMMC Alumni Association-Surgery (JAAS) under the leadership of Dr. Juvie Villaflor, a former GS resident from this institution. Their state-of-the-art equipment encompasses brand new laparoscopic instruments mostly used for minimally-invasive type of surgeries.OrSurgery

          Despite man-made adversities, the JRRMMC Department of Surgery continues to transcend the diverse complexities and challenges in a period of transformation and development. As JRRMMC continues to grow and expand economically and successfully, the department will continue to keep its promise of commitment and dedicated service to deliver the best quality surgical care to all patients, and produce competent, aggressive and promising surgeons.